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The Benefits of Custom Windows

There are a lot of reasons why having custom windows installed in your home or building is valuable to you. When you get your utility bills, the quality level of your windows matters a lot. The comfort level of the people inside is affected by the quality of your windows. Having custom windows can help you to be more comfortable and more efficient overall.

Custom Windows – Energy Efficiency

Custom Windows

Being energy efficient is the most obvious benefit to having custom windows installed. When you install a custom set of windows, you can eliminate drafts that older windows tend to develop. You can also have a thicker airspace between the panes, or even upgrade to a triple pane design. Some of the higher end custom windows do not use air, opting instead for an inert gas such as argon. The energy efficiency upgrade is considerable, particularly if your windows are more than 20 years old.

Greater Comfort

Older windows tend to develop drafts. Moreover, they tend to have gaps around the edges of at least one pane. This cuts down on the insulative capacity of the airspace within the panes. This tends to result in some rooms being colder or hotter than others. Balancing all of the rooms in your building can be downright difficult when you have unplanned air flow. When you have new custom windows installed in your building or home, they insulate the space better and allow for greater comfort. Particularly if you are considering having custom windows installed in your home, custom windows are worthwhile simply for their additional level of comfort.

Green Energy Credits

In some cases, achieving a certain level of energy efficiency can result in receiving energy credits. These can lead to a discount on your property or business taxes. In some municipalities, you may even be able to receive a credit on your personal income taxes as a result of getting custom windows installed. Taxes and rebates may not be the only reason to get new custom windows, but they can be a great additional motivating factor.

Unique Design Features

When your building is special in some way, it tends to stand out positively to the people who visit it. One way you can make your building unique is by having custom windows installed. Since custom windows can be made in a variety of shapes, depths, colors and arrangements, you have a tremendous amount of customization potential. The windows may not be the most visible element of your building or a main focal point. But they do influence the light and help set the tone for the rest of your architecture and decor.


Paying for Itself

There are many ways in which having custom windows installed can add value to your property. These windows will keep areas cooler or warmer during the less temperate months. As well, they can save you money. Over the life span of the custom windows, their energy efficiency and associated savings will pay for the windows themselves. As well, there is a certain level of value that goes along with having a more comfortable space.

Professional Installation

Naturally, any handy person can install basic windows. However, when you have a custom set of windows installed there is an additional skill level involved. Trusting a sophisticated measurement and installation job such as this to a less skilled contractor invites a lot of trouble. Even the slightest “gerry-rigging” can result in drafts that will remove a lot of the advantages a custom window provides. As well, having the window installed by professionals will lead to a longer operation span for the windows. That’s why its important you contact us at D and D Glassworks for professional window installation and maintenance.

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