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Dual Pane Glass

Dual Pane Glass

Dual Pane GlassInsulated glazing, often referred to as Dual Pane Glass, double glazing or double-pane, are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space. Dual pane windows help to reduce heat transfer across the building envelope.

Most styles are manufactured in such a manner where the glass is the same thickness on both panes, but in some applications where additional sound reduction or security may require different ranges of thicknesses to be incorporated in the same unit.

Dual pane glass windows have several key advantages over standard windows:

    • better insinuative properties
    • noise reduction
    • ease of cleaning
    • protection of items in the house from sun damage

Decorative frames might also be installed between the glass panels to give the impression of individual windowpanes.

Windows of this type can also block street noise more efficiently than traditional windows. This is particularly important for buildings or homes built near high traffic areas.