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The Benefits of Choosing Double Glazed Windows

It doesn’t matter how large or small or modern or quaint your home is, it’s your castle, your sanctuary, and your safe haven. It’s your place of comfort where you celebrate with family and friends and where you relax from the day’s demands. Although throughout any given year you might decide to change the color of its walls, add unique treasures from your travels, or buy new furniture, there are a handful of investments you make in your home that rarely need to be replaced or changed for decades – if at all. Your home’s windows are one of these lasting investments. If you’re thinking about replacing your current windows – the windows that probably were installed in your home before you purchased it, you’ll want to choose double glazed windows.

What are doubled glazed windows?

Double Pane Windows

Also referred to as double pane windows, double glazed windows provide an extra layer of glass. While this is typically done by installing a well-manufactured sealed glass unit, it can also be accomplished by adding an extra pane that has not been previously sealed in a factory. With double pane windows, the two layers of glass contain a small air gap between them. If the double glazed windows are sealed units via a manufacturer, the sealing is not vacuum sealed, but rather — low pressure sealed where the air between the double windows is dried to prevent mist from forming. In double glazed windows where an inner frame is added to an existing window, some condensation might occur because these double windows are often designed to open out.

Double glazed windows reduce the amount of heat loss.

The gap between the windows that contains the small amount of trapped air serves as a type of insulator. While it does significantly slow the heat transfer a lot (and way more than traditional windows), double glazed windows do not completely stop the heat from being conducted from the inner pane to the outer pane. Since the air gap is so narrow between the panes of the double glazed windows, the small space makes it hard for the air to circulate easily, thus significantly reducing the rate of heat loss through the double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows reduce electric bills.

The rooms in homes that have double glazed windows stay much warmer for longer periods of time than the rooms with antiquated windows or traditional, one-pane windows. As a result, homeowners no longer need to keep turning up the thermostat to make a room warmer or purchase space heaters for rooms that are exceptionally cold and that are harder to heat.

Double glazed windows reduce sound transmission.

As much as you might love your neighbors, no homeowner enjoys hearing the neighbor’s dog bark all afternoon, their teen’s loud music, or the engine of a neighbor’s car remodeling project being revved all day. While they don’t stop the transmission of outside sounds completely, double pane windows do enable you to block out much of the distracting and disruptive noises you’ve been (trying to) ignore all this time!

Double glazed windows don’t require painting.

Because they have can have low maintenance frames, double glazed windows don’t require you to paint them. This will save you money, time, and stress further down the road. If you’re going to invest in new windows for your home, you’re going to want to choose windows that are not only attractive, but also easy to maintain – like double glazed windows.

Double pane windows add so much value to your home, you’ll want to replace all of your old windows with double glazed windows!  Contact us for more information.


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